The Intelligent Poker Player

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As poker theory develops, the field is becoming more abstruse and mathematical; gradually becoming less accessible to the layperson. The Intelligent Poker Player by Philip Newall aims to reverse this trend by presenting a cohesive and sophisticated method of play in plain English. This approach in principle can be used to analyze any form of poker, although this book mainly shows applications in the popular forms of limit and no-limit hold em.

The Intelligent Poker Player is also the first book to discuss the emergent field of artificial poker intelligence otherwise known as poker robots. The best computers are capable of playing heads-up limit hold em at a world class level, and this book deconstructs some interesting features of their play.

And finally, professional poker is a risky career choice. So in addition to the strategy chapters which include topics such as Information Hiding, Middle Game Concepts, and No-Limit Hold em: Applications and Extensions, the author will show…

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