PokerStars Is Rigged

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Do you play online poker? Does anyone in your household play poker? Then this book is a must for you. This book can save you a lot of money and show you the real face of PokerStars. The event that I am going to show you is not yet another Aces cracked 5 times in a row, it is not even 1 in a million times event. It is much more, it is much more sinister, and I have proof, I have screenshots, the tournament did occur and I will attach all the proofs to this paper.

Finally as a legal notice to all this book / paper is a personal opinion and every reader must make his own decision if PokerStars is rigged or not. The facts presented in this book may happen like 1 in a septillion times and such events do occur so author takes no responsibility if the claims in this book are proven by mathematicians or software engineers to be false.
Also author takes no responsibility if someone lays out a claim that the event is not one to infinity and the odds are much more less and author has made a…

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