Scanner Guard Cards: Protect Your Credit Cards from Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans – including up to 500,000 children – become victims of identity theft each year. With the Scanner Guard Card you have another line of defense against identity theft. Contactless theft by using RFID scanners is one of the fastest growing forms of stealing […]

6 Deck Casino Quality Dealer Shoe

The finest quality 6 deck dealer shoe on the market, identical to those used in Las Vegas casinos. Cards slide out of the front slot of this Casino Quality shoe easily to give you a professional dealing experience. The heavy roller is weighted to make sure that your cards stay flush with the front slot. […]

Brass Button Stitch Marker Jewelry- Set of 9

You will love the way your knitting projects look with your new stitch marker jewelry hanging from the needles. Snag free stitch markers glide easily from needle to needle to make an enjoyable knitting experience. Fix less mistakes when you use snag free stitch markers. This jewelry helps you memorize pattern repeats easily and this […]